One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC February 13th-15th will be Thomas Massie!


U.S. Representative Thomas Massie entered Congress in November 2012 after serving as Lewis County Judge Executive. He represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District which stretches across Northern Kentucky and 280 miles of the Ohio River.

U.S. Representative Massie attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During school, he invented a technology that enabled people to interact with computers using their sense of touch, and leveraged that technology to found SensAble Technologies, Inc., which raised over $32 million of venture capital, created 70 jobs, and obtained 24 patents. The hardware and software he developed is now used to design automobiles, jewelry, shoes, dental prosthetics, and even reconstructive implants for wounded soldiers.

In Congress, Thomas serves on three committees: the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.



One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC February 13th-15th  will be Justin Amash! 


Justin Amash is an American attorney, and Republican member of Congress. He represents Michigan’s Third District in the 113th United States Congress. He was elected to his first term on November 2, 2010.

Justin was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree with High Honors in Economics from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He worked for his family’s business, as a business lawyer, and as a Michigan state representative before his election to Congress.

Justin has never missed a vote in Congress or in the Michigan Legislature out of more than 4,000 roll call votes. He is leading the incorporation of Facebook and other social media into his work as an elected official by posting an explanation of every vote online, and he has set new standards for transparency and accountability.



George Mason

In honor of George Mason’s birthday (he would be the ripe old age of 289 if he were still alive today), we’re excited to share with you that today only, you can use the discount code MASON15 for $10 off on registration to the 2015 ISFLC! The 8th Annual International Students For Liberty Conference will be taking place February 13-15 in Washington, D.C.

This means that if you’re a student, you can sign up today for $10 and non-students can register for $25. Prices will only go up from here on out, so be sure to take advantage of this amazing deal while it lasts.

If you aren’t familiar with George Mason, one of America’s forgotten founding fathers, check out our recent Little Guide to Big Ideas post! An anti-federalist, Mason refused to sign the U.S. Constitution until it ensured the protection of states rights and individual rights with the addition of the Bill of Rights, which was modeled after the Virginia Declaration of Rights, written by Mason in 1776. Mason is famously quoted as saying, “All men are by nature born equally free and independent” and “To disarm the people– that was the best and most effective way to enslave them.” Honor his memory, add some liberty to your life, and save some money by registering for the 2015 ISFLC today!


Liberty Fund

Apply for the 2015 ISFLC Liberty Fund Session on Political Ignorance and Competitive Governments by Jan 1st!

We are thrilled to announce that our friends at Liberty Fund will be running a 15 person round table discussion at the 2015 International SFL Conference. This invite-only session (application below) will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, February 15  for a group of highly motivated students eager to contribute to a lively intellectual discussion on the below topic.

Liberty Fund sessions feature in-depth, Socratic-style discussion about the ideas, questions, and challenges raised by a set of readings with a discussion leader and fifteen participants from various backgrounds. Students who are chosen to participate will be responsible for completing two readings in advance of the session: “Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter” by Ilya Somin and “Federalism, Liberty, and the Law” by James M. Buchanan. Readings will be sent to the participants via email as PDFs.

Here are some of the questions that will be raised in this Liberty Fund discussion session:

What explains widespread political ignorance? What are its main implications for the quality of democratic governance? Is there anything that can be done to mitigate this problem? In particular, what is the role of government competition in reducing the impact of political ignorance? Is federalism, as James Buchanan has argued, an effective institutional structure for constraining government and protecting individual liberty in the face of widespread political ignorance?
You can find more information and apply for the session here. Applications are due January 1st!


Do you think a student in your group or the entire group itself has made major contributions to the student movement for liberty in 2014? Did you host big events this fall or spread liberty across your state in a big way? Well now is the time to submit nominations for the 2015 Student Awards at the ISFLC!

One of the highlights of the International Students For Liberty Conference is the Annual Awards Presentation.  In 2009, Students For Liberty began to recognize outstanding students and student groups that have distinguished themselves in the battle for liberty on campus. That tradition has continued with the awards becoming more competitive every year as more and more students demonstrate their outstanding accomplishments for liberty.

Just like previous years, this year we’ll be accepting nominations for the Student Group of the Year, Event of the Year, and Student of the Year. Award recipients are chosen based on their hard work, organizational skills, value creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship.Keep in mind, not only can you nominate fellow students, groups, and events, you can also nominate yourself, your student group, or an event held on your campus.

Nominations will close on January 7th, so make sure to get your recommendations in before the deadline to ensure the people who’ve worked hard on their campus get the recognition they deserve!


One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC on February 13th-15th  will be Vera Kichanova!

Vera was born on May 24, 1991 in Moscow.She graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Moscow State University in 2013. She worked for “Novaya Gazeta” and was elected a member of the “Novaya Gazeta” Network Parliament, one of a number of virtual “proto-parliaments” in Russia. Later she worked for the “Voice of America” Russian Bureau.  In April 2010, Kichanova was one of the co-founders of the “Kangaroo” debate club. Politicians, right up to Duma deputies, regularly participated in “Kangaroo” discussions. From 2011 to 2012, she worked with the “Soldiers’ Mothers” human rights organization as a social media activist and coordinator of civil campaigns. In spring 2011, she launched a campaign entitled “Girls Against Draft”. She was a co-founder and the editor of the www.RealArmy.org website which was nominated for the The Bobs – Best of Online Activism award in 2011. In October 2011, she was the brain behind a students’ protest action in Moscow State University against President Dmitry Medvedev, who had announced a meeting with MSU students, which turned out to be shamelessly staged as real students had been removed from the university building and the premises filled with ‘shills’ when the President arrived. Several students, including Kichanova, were detained by the police. In March 2012, Vera Kichanova was elected as a municipal deputy in Moscow’s Yuzhnoye Tushino district. As a member of the municipal council she fights for more transparency on the part of the local authorities. She keeps a blog recounting her everyday activity as a local council deputy. From March 2012, she has been working for Slon.ru as a journalist. She also publishes a blog on the “Echo of Moscow” website and another one on Grani.ru. Vera won the 2013 Democracy Award.



One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC February 13th-15th  will be Jeffrey Tucker! 

Jeffrey Tucker is Chief Liberty Office of Liberty.me, a social network and online publishing platform for the liberty minded. He is also distinguished fellow Foundation for Economic Education, executive editor of Laissez-Faire Books, research fellow Acton Institute, founder CryptoCurrency Conference, and author five books.

Check out the links below to learn more about Tucker’s work:

Articles, blog posts & more about Tucker:
Lectures & Interviews:

Be sure to register for the 2015 ISFLC by October 31st before prices go up!


Dear SFL Alumni,

I would like to formally invite you to the 2015 International Students For LibertyConference, the world’s largest gathering pro-liberty students and alumni. Part lecture hall, networking session, debate forum, and pep rally for liberty, the ISFLC is the can’t miss event of the year. And now SFL’s alumni association Alumni For Liberty will be offering more than ever.

Alumni For Liberty’s mission is to both raise support for the student movement for liberty and provide support and services to our alumni members. Services such as career counseling and networking with your fellow alumni. With hundreds of SFL leaders graduating each year we are rapidly approaching a future were AFLers will occupy important positions out there in the “real world”, and it is critical that we stay connected and united in our goal of creating a free society.

Our annual homecoming at the International Students For Liberty Conference is a great opportunity to do just that. All AFL members get free registration at the ISFLC, so sign up for AFL now to take advantage of this opportunity.

AFL will be hosting a series of events targeted at graduating seniors and recent alumni to connect our community and support their transition from student activists to lifelong advocates of liberty.

AFL Breakout Sessions @ ISFLC

  • Careers Panel  – College graduates face a myriad of possible career paths. Come learn from leaders in the business, policy, academic, non-profit and media communities who will discuss many of the options available and how recent grads can take the first steps down the road of building your career. Moderated by Tax Foundation Vice President Joseph Henchman.
  • Job Hunting 101 – Your first job hunt can be an overwhelming experience. This session focuses on practical advice on preparing, searching, applying for and landing your next job including tips on resumes, cover letters, interviews and general do’s and don’ts of the job hunt. Moderated by SFL VP Clark Ruper
  • Communication Workshop – The notion “if I build it they will come” has always been wrong. No matter what you are selling you have to find and relate to your intended audience. Learn how to sell your ideas, your product, and most importantly yourself. Featuring Massachusetts Republican Party Deputy Field Director Nathan Fatal and Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne.
  • Navigating Academia – Many young libertarians dream of becoming a famous academic or inspiring professor. This is a noble goal but the path from undergrad through graduate school is a long and winding road. Presented by GMU PhD Fellow Liya Palagashvilli.
  • Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the economy and social change. By definition there is no path to follow, you have to make your own. Presented by Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse.

This of course will all be taking place alongside the ISFLC’s world-class lineup of speakers from around the liberty movement and the world.

We will also be hosting our Annual AFL Homecoming Social on Saturday night with free drinks for AFL members.

As mentioned all current AFL members receive free registration to the International Conference. If you are a current member, awesome, register for the ISFLC now here.

If you are not in AFL yet now is the time. Sign up for as little as $10 a month to support the student movement for liberty and take advantage of the free ISFLC registration and other benefits.

I am looking forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions regarding the ISFLC or Alumni For Liberty in general, just drop me a line.

Sincerely & For Liberty,

Clark Ruper

Vice President & Director of Alumni Relations


One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC on February 13th-15th  will be Jared Polis!

Jared Polis is an independent leader who uses his private and public sector experience to find pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing Colorado and the nation. First elected to represent Colorado’s Second Congressional District in 2008, Polis serves on the powerful Committee on Rules, the Committee on the Education and the Workforce, and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. His efforts in this area focus on getting accountability right at all levels, expanding educational models that work, and improving persistently failing schools with data-driven models to reduce achievement gaps. Polis also works with Democrats and Republicans to reform our nation’s broken immigration policies, to advance the cause of civil rights and equality for all, and to protect Colorado and the world’s natural beauty and environment. While still attending Princeton University, Polis co-founded his first company, American Information Systems, a success he followed with the launching of bluemountain.com and ProFlowers.com. He has been named an “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young.



One of our speakers for the upcoming 2015 ISFLC February 13th-15th  will be Grover Norquist! 

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels and supports tax reform that moves towards taxing consumed income one time at one rate.  ATR organizes the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which asks all candidates for federal and state office to commit themselves in writing to the American people to oppose all tax increases. In the 113th Congress, 219 House members and 41 Senators have taken the pledge. On the state level, 14 governors and 1,035 state legislators have taken the pledge. Norquist chairs the Washington, DC – based “Wednesday Meeting,” a weekly gathering of more than 150 elected officials, political activists, and movement leaders. The meeting started in 1993 and takes place in ATR’s conference room. There are now 60 similar “center-right” meetings in 48 states. He is the author of Rock the House, Taxes: The Economic & Philosophical Necessity of Real Reform, Leave Us Alone: Getting the Governments Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives, and Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future.

Check out the links below to learn more about Norquist’s work:


Interviews & Videos:

Learn more about Grover Norquist here and be sure to register for the 2015 ISFLC!