Atlas_LogoWe’re incredibly excited to have Atlas Network at the 2015 ISFLC as a Gold Level sponsor! Atlas Network is a nonprofit organization connecting a global network of more than 400 free-market organizations in over 80 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty. They’ve been a strong supporter of the student movement for liberty throughout Students For Liberty’s history, and will be tabling in order to provide more information to students from all over the world, as well as hosting some fantastic sessions and speakers at this year’s ISFLC. Atlas Network will also be co-sponsoring Saturday’s Supporters Track lunch. For more information about the Supporters Track, click here.

Below are the wonderful sessions provided:


Tom Palmer, Public Speaking: Turning Foes into Friends

Do you (or a friend) ever feel nervous speaking in public? Do you want to learn how to convince your friends, family, fellow primates? Learn the practical ancient art of rhetoric from Dr. Tom G. Palmer. Learn how to open minds, turn foes into friends, and build the liberty movement. You can become a better advocate, writer, speaker.


Daniel Anthony, Digital Strategies for a Free Society
Great ideas require great strategies to communicate effectively.  This session will cover the leatest in social media platforms, harnessing web traffic, effective calls to action, viral videos, memes.



The actual book exchange will look something like this.

There are many great minds that will convene on February 13-15th for the International Students For Liberty Conference, why not trade your dusty book for a new one book that could change the way you view the world?

This year leave a little extra room in your suitcase for a book or two to add to the book exchange table! If you have an old copy of an Ayn Rand book & you want some Orwell or Hayek in your life for free, now is your chance. But this exchange is not limited to philosophy & libertarian books, you can go ahead and clean out your whole book shelf if you would like. Throw in a copy of your favorite fiction novel or some history books, even an old textbook. Some of us (ahem, me) are looking for some fantastic liberty oriented fiction.

It can only be successful if you all take part. This is a real test of the libertarian sharing economy. We need to see if we can effectively crowd source a library. For those who have been in the movement for a long time, it is likely that there are duplicates on your book shelves and the books are asking to be given away. For those new to the movement, this will be a great chance to reap the benefits of the older members of the movement’s hoarding.

Don’t forget, in order to participate in this book exchange you have to be a registered attendee of the ISFLC! Register today before prices go up again!


WeIHS_logo_RGB_stacked‘re incredibly excited to have the Institute for Humane Studies as a Partner level sponsor at the ISFLC! The Institute for Humane Studies is a fantastic organization, whose mission is to support the achievement of a freer society by discovering and facilitating the development of talented students, scholars, and other intellectuals who share an interest in liberty and in advancing the principles and practice of freedom. Each year IHS awards over $1 million in scholarships to students from universities around the world. IHS also sponsors the attendance of hundreds of students at its summer seminars and provides various forms of career assistance, including mentoring, a job board, and online career development seminars.

Not only will IHS have wonderful breakout sessions at the ISFLC, they’ll also be running a career development lunch for individuals interested in a career in academia with free food and highly qualified speakers. You can find out more about the lunch by clicking this link: https://www.theihs.org/on-campus-education/isflc-career-development-seminar. It is limited to 30 participants, so RSVP before it fills up!

Below are all of the wonderful breakout sessions IHS will have available at the ISFLC:

James Stacey Taylor, Votes or Sale!

When people say that a politician “bought” an election they mean this as a criticism. James Stacey Taylor doesn’t—he thinks that elections should be for sale, with voters being able to buy and sell votes like candy. In this talk, he explains why this system would actually be better than the current system where votes sales are prohibited. Even if it might not affect the outcomes of elections, allowing vote sales would make the poor and the politically disinterested better off than they currently are.

Adam Martin, Myths of Economic Development and Foreign Aid

Why are some nations rich and others poor? This is the oldest question in economics, but was ignored for many years. In the past few years there has been a resurgence of interest in economic development and foreign aid. This talk explores popular myths about development, explaining how they run afoul of both basic economic reasoning and contemporary academic research.

Antony Davies, Is Freedom Really Good?

The argument for coercion holds that, left to their own, people will consolidate power, stifle competition, exploit each other, and confiscate wealth. The argument for freedom holds that, left to their own, people will disseminate power, encourage competition, cooperate with each other, and create wealth. Comparing income, equality, poverty, social, and environmental outcomes across societies with differing levels of freedom provides hard evidence in favor of the argument for freedom.

David Friedman, Should we Abolish Criminal Law?

Modern legal systems use two systems, criminal law and tort law, to do essentially the same work—impose costs on those who impose costs on others. Is there any good reason to have both? Could criminal law be abolished and tort law expanded to replace it, what problems might arise in such a system, how could they be dealt with, and would the change be an improvement?.

Bryan Caplan,  Immigration Restrictions: A Solution in Search of a Problem

Immigration laws heavily restrict foreigner’s freedom to work, travel, and reside.  Are there any decent arguments – libertarian or otherwise – in favor of such laws?  Caplan covers all the major rationales for restricting immigration, and concludes libertarians should not only favor open borders, but make this issue their top priority.

Phil Magness, Nigel Ashford, and Mario Villareal-Diaz,  Activism through Academia: Life in the Ivory Tower

Are you interested in advancing classical liberal ideas at the forefront of the intellectual discussion? Is activism alone not enough for you? Come find out what it takes to succeed in graduate school, and how making an intellectual case for a free society in the university can be a viable and fulfilling career path for classical liberals and libertarians.


Make sure to register today in order to ensure your attendance so you can check out these fantastic breakout sessions and more!


Going to the ISFLC? The deadline to reserve your rooms at the Marriott Wardman Park is only TWO days away! Book your rooms by THIS Thursday, January 22nd before our special group rate expires. Rooms are filling up quickly for Presidents Day weekend so be sure to act now to save money!

Note: You’re able to cancel your reservation at any time before the conference without penalty charges.

Looking for roommates for the weekend? Find them here.


MLKIn honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we’re offering $10 off on ISFLC registration for today only! Use the coupon code “JAN19″ to reduce the cost of signing up to only $20 if you’re a student and $30 if you’re a non-student.

Here are just a handful of reasons you won’t want to miss this year’s largest gathering of pro-liberty students:

  • An incredible lineup of speakers including Dr. Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and Congressman Justin Amash
  • A special taping of the STOSSEL Show
  • 70+ breakout sessions on topics such as the militarization of the police, the War on Drugs, free speech, and Bitcoin
  • An ongoing liberty fair with 60+ sponsor organizations

Registration closes February 9th so take advantage of this unique opportunity to save some money and sign up today!


tas_logo_clrWe’re very excited to have The Atlas Society at the #ISFLC15! The Atlas Society works to present the empowering principles of Objectivism to a global audience, and offers those principles as a rational and moral alternative in the marketplace of philosophical ideas. They’re a strong supporter of the student movement for liberty, and are offering a number of fantastic breakout sessions this year:


David Kelley, Why You Need Philosophy

Political views are governed by peoples’ underlying beliefs–their philosophical premises. Learning to spot these premises in political arguments will make you a more effective advocate for liberty. David Kelley will show you how.


David Kelley,  Objectivism: Reason and Reality

Ayn Rand’s philosophy defends liberty from a perspective rooted in objectivity. Learn what objectivity consists in and why reason is an “absolute” that can never be compromised.


William R. Thomas, Objectivism: Values and Virtues

Ayn Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” is a morality that places ethics on a factual footing. Learn how a love of freedom and achievement derives from a basic commitment to one’s own life and happiness. Learn why flourishing requires virtue, and what kind of virtue it requires.


William R. Thomas,  Myths about Ayn Rand and Objectivism

Is Objectivism cold and heartless? Was Ayn Rand for the rich and against the poor? Is Objectivism elitist? These and other common myths about Ayn Rand’s thought are discussed and debunked.


Edward Hudgins, Our Fantastic Non-Fiction Techno-Future, or Can Libertarians Live Forever?

Incredible revolutions are underway in medicine, transportation, and robotics that could surpass the information revolution in their impact in our world. And a live-extension and human-enhancement transhumanist technologies could mean you’ll live forever! But these revolutions could be snuffed out by the wrong philosophy. A moral revolution of reason and achievement is necessary if the future is to be a bright dream come true.


William R. Thomas,  Austrian Economics and Ayn Rand

As Ludwig von Mises explained, economic theory assumes a “subjective” value theory: that people ultimately act based on their preferences. Ayn Rand defended an “objective” value theory and attacked philosophical subjectivism. This session explains how economics relates to philosophy and how subjective economic value relates to objective moral values. Is economics “value-free?” Is economic calculation a fallacy?


Make sure to register today in order to ensure your attendance so you can check out these fantastic breakout sessions and more!


“Freedom is important for art, as is frequently maintained, but art is also important for freedom. Art disrupts old patterns and makes us think. Art is impossible without freedom, but freedom is impossible without art.” -Why Liberty

“The desire for liberty is the most powerful force for creativity in an artist; that is why even in the most oppressive places some of the most beautiful and powerful art is made.” -Musician and libertarian Lindy Vopnord
“Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others.” -Albert Camus 

Students For Liberty is proud to showcase student art from around the world at this year’s International SFL Conference. In 2014, over two dozen artists displayed their work for conference attendees—some even sold their art. This year, we are extending the opportunity to all ISFLC attendees. If you are a photographer, painter, musician, slam poet, or any other kind of artist, we want you to submit your work!

We are also excited to announce a Liberty Art Gala, co-sponsored by Liberty.Me and hosted by Jeffrey Tucker. The gala will feature performances such a slam poetry, music and dance, and will be held on Saturday, February 14 from 6:15-7:15 PM.

For the first time this year, we are also accepting club flyers–a medium of art that every campus activist creates. If you have a unique club flyer from your activism this year, submit it to be displayed at the art show!

If you are interested in showing off your creative talents, submit your work here. All media of art will be considered, including digital art, fashion design, sketches, music, video, paintings, and more.

The deadline has been extended until Friday, January 16th, so finish up your piece and submit it today!


Cato2-300x165We’re excited to announce the Cato Institute‘s presence at the 2015 ISFLC! The Cato Institute is one of the oldest and most well-established libertarian Think Tanks in the world, with a rich history of providing expertise from the top scholars in all aspects of policy. They’re also a huge supporter of the student movement for liberty, providing internships year-round as well as Cato University once a year. Below are the details of the session Cato will be offering at the ISFLC:


Ilya Shapiro, Gays, Guns, and Ganja: The Libertarian Moment at the Supreme Court

With marriage again before the Supreme Court, it seems almost inevitable that gay people will soon be able to marry in all 50 states. This is incredible given that a decade ago barely a third of Americans supported same-sex marriage and a decade before that the idea couldn’t be broached in polite company. Find out how this trend in popular and legal opinion parallels two other libertarian causes: the right to bear arms and the right to smoke up.


Pat Michaels, Crowding Out: How The Government Incentivizes Bad Science

Scientists, as with any group of citizens, respond to incentives. Dr. Pat Michaels, Director of the Cato Institute’s Center for the Study of Science, will speak to distortions created by the public funding of science and its effects on public policy and academia.


I am David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute and author of THE LIBERTARIAN MIND, Ask Me Anything

David Boaz is the executive vice president of the CatoInstitute. Through his 30 years at Cato and his earlier libertarian activities, he has seen how the ideas of liberty can shape politics and civil society.  His own writings on the topic, especially The Libertarian Mind and The Libertarian Reader, have introduced many people to the philosophy of libertarianism.   He will field questions from the audience on any related topic.


Aaron Powell and Trevor Burrus, Libertarianism.org *LIVE* Podcast Recording and Q&A

The Free Thoughts podcast from Libertarianism.org is a show about the history and philosophy of libertarianism and the ideas that influence it, hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus. Join us for a recording of the show featuring a conversation on libertarian theory and an audience Q&A.


Chris Preble, Libertarians and Foreign Policy: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Adam Smith taught that “peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice” were the essential ingredients of good government, and most libertarians agree on those basic elements. But libertarians do sometimes disagree when these limited governments turn their attention abroad. When, if ever, does the non-aggression principle for individuals yield to the principle of self-defense for nation-states? And what role, if any, does the minimalist libertarian state have in advancing liberty abroad? In thissession, we will explore the nature of this debate, and offer some solutions for bridging the gap.


Make sure to register today in order to ensure your attendance so you can check out these fantastic breakout sessions and more!


tii_logo_blueWe’re incredibly excited to have The Independent Institute as a Silver Level Sponsor this year at the 2015 ISFLC! The Independent Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, scholarly research and educational organization that sponsors in-depth studies of critical social and economic issues. The mission of the Independent Institute is to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity.

Not only will this wonderful organization have a table for students interested in what they do, they’ll also have a number of breakout sessions available to give you intellectual stimulation and more information about the organization as a whole:


Ivan Eland, Is Obama’s Foreign Policy Weak?

Republicans have criticized Obama’s foreign policy for making the United States seem weak abroad.  Compared to other recent presidents is this charge true?  Or is this alleged malevolent benevolence in the eye of the beholder, thus rendering Obama’s foreign policy really rationale and sensible?


Abby Hall, From ‘Protect and Serve’ to ‘Comply or Die?’ The Militarization of U.S. Police

The distinction between domestic police and U.S. military forces has rapidly eroded. Historical attempts to constrain and separate military from domestic police functions have largely failed. The citywide “lockdown” and searches of Watertown, MA in 2013, and the use of tear gas, the National Guard, and arrests of journalists in Ferguson, MO in 2014 are but two recent illustrations of domestic police acting as military forces. This talk examines the mechanisms through which U.S. police forces have become militarized. It examines the role of domestic crises, and the larger “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror” in the accelerated militarization of domestic policing.​


Dr. Stephen P. Halbrook, The Second Amendment: A Universal Human Right

The pendulum of the recognition and the destruction of the right to keep and bear arms expresses phenomena of freedom and tyranny throughout history.  Rooted in the American founding as a reaction to British attempts to disarm the colonists, the right was extended to freed slaves by the Fourteenth Amendment.  The disarming of political opponents and the Jews was a key element of Hitler’s dictatorship and the Holocaust.


Make sure to register today in order to ensure your attendance so you can check out these fantastic breakout sessions and more!




Since many of you have asked about the change in locations, I wanted to provide a little more information on our new host hotel. For those of you who are not as familiar with DC, the Marriott Wardman Park is located 3 metro stops away from Metro Center (the previous location of the event), which translates to about 5-15 minutes away depending on your metro luck.

The neighborhood around the hotel is commonly referred to as Woodley Park and is completely great. There are tons of places to eat, including a Chipotle, and just two doors down is my personal favorite bar in all of DC, The Gin Joint. If you’re interested, this article mentions the GJ (I just made that up but hoping it will catch on) along with some of the other much-loved spots in the area.


In addition to the Marriott Wardman Park boasting far more conference and hotel room space than the old location at the Hyatt, it’s a historic DC landmark in itself. The first televised broadcast of “Meet the Press” took place there in 1947 and in the hotel you will find a plaque that commemorates the hotel as the site where, Langston Hughes, then a busboy, slipped famed poet Vachel Lindsay three of his published poems under a dinner plate. Impressed, Lindsay shared Hughes’s poems during a reading with a hotel audience later that night and by morning, reporters were lined up to meet the “busboy poet.”

adams-morgan-picBut while the history of the hotel is swell and all, one of the most important strategic features of the hotel is it’s proximity to the notorious Adams Morgan neighborhood. You would be hard pressed to find a more happening row on a Saturday night, than Ad Mo. Between cheap dive bars, dance clubs and the all-around good time of Madam’s Organ, it’s hard not to have the night of your life there. So once the learning of each day dies down, plan to grab some of your new-found friends and head out on the town.

If you haven’t already booked yourself a discounted hotel room at the Marriott, what on earth are you waiting for? Reserve your spot today to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun that is to be had!