What would you do as monarch for a day?hans adam II

It’s a question we’ve all asked as a way to think about political priorities. At this year’s International Students For Liberty Conference, however, you’ll hear from someone who actually answers this question every single day.

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that His Serene Highness, Prince Hans-Adams II of Liechtenstein will be joining us for the 8th annual ISFLC!

The struggle for liberty takes many forms, and as a sitting ruler, Prince Hans-Adams II has thought a lot about what how to promote and protect the liberties of the people of Liechtenstein.

In fact, he’s thought so much about the nature of the state that he wrote a book on the subject: The State in the Third Millennium. His central argument is that the growth of the state into ever more areas of citizens’ lives has degraded its ability to perform its core and appropriate functions – such as the provision of national defense.

We’re incredibly excited to have a sitting head of state add his voice to global cry for freedom. And we’re even more pleased to give you the opportunity to hear from his distinct perspective at #ISFLC16!

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SFL is pleased to announce that the official sponsorship booklet for ISFLC16 is now online! The pamphlet has all your organization needs to know about participating at ISFLC16 including package details, à la carte add-ons, and announcements about new program items.

For any questions, contact Development Associate Tom Darnley at tdarnley@studentsforliberty.org.


Every year, SFL makes a point to keep ISFLC fresh by introducing new speakers, events, and programs to the conference. Today, we’re pleased to announce the first new element of ISFLC16: the Referral Rewards Program.

SFL will reward North American attendees for referring their friends to ISFLC. Every attendee will receive a unique referral code via email upon completing registration. Share yours on social media, you’ll receive a $5 refund off the cost of your registration for every friend who uses your code to register. If you are successful enough to receive a full refund, you will subsequently receive $5 credit to SFLiberty Outfitters — SFL’s online store — for every additional registrant who uses your code. That’s right, you wipe off the cost of your registration and receive free liberty gear for promoting ISFLC. So, register today and share your code before someone else beats you to it!

Please note that this offer is only valid for North American attendees and will only count for paid registrations. For any questions about the rules of the contest, please contact Director of Organizational Measurement Kyle Hartz at khartz@studentsforliberty.org.


ISFLC-2015-1035I am pleased to announce the theme for the 2016 International Students For Liberty Conference: The Liberty Vote. Disillusioned by the two-party system, tens of thousands of students have become involved with Students For Liberty since our founding in 2008 in search of an alternative to the empty rhetoric and broken promises of our elected officials.

This is because the Millennial generation is a politically independent one. According to Harvard University’s latest youth survey, 41% of 18- to 29-year-olds identify as Independents, as opposed to Republicans (24%) or Democrats (33%). Our generation is not easily categorized according to the historical political mold. We do not rally around a single political party, strategy of social change, or philosophical stereotype. We are an unpegged generation that will soon decide the intellectual, entrepreneurial, and political destiny of the world.

This is what makes the ISFLC so important. For one weekend every year, thousands of student leaders from around the world descend into Washington, DC to discuss and debate all of the available avenues for bringing about a freer future. Will the two-party system survive? Is a third-party alternative possible? Or, is social change best created outside of the political realm altogether through entrepreneurial innovations like those which make up the sharing economy?

These are the discussions that will shape the future, and we are the generation having them. We are the Liberty Vote.

Some of you might be taken aback at first glance. Why would a big-tent libertarian organization that includes principled nonvoters among its ranks choose such an explicitly political theme? One obvious answer is that 2016 is an election year that will usher in a new president of the United States, and we want to provide a venue for the candidates to discuss the issues that matter most to young people.

However, the Liberty Vote isn’t simply about electing politicians to public office. The Liberty Vote is about the multitude of strategies for social change, whether that means voting for a candidate, voting for a party, voting with your pocketbook, or voting with your feet. There is not one liberty vote, but many different liberty votes, and SFL is dedicated to having them all represented at ISFLC.

So, come join us February 26-28, 2016 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC to feel the pulse of the libertarian student movement that will be voting on our future. Last year, we had over 1,700 attendees, and our plans for this year are even bigger and better. To give you a taste, we’re planning on incorporating an SFL Awards Dinner into our Saturday night programing. So, dust off your bow tie and save the date for another amazing ISFLC!