Today is the last day to book your hotel room for the 9th International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC16) at our discounted rate. Book your room before midnight to save on your weekend stay at the largest libertarian student conference of the year!

You won’t find a better deal anywhere near the conference venue. If you’re a student, split the room multiple ways to save. If you’re a DC local, consider a staycation at the beautiful Marriott Wardman Park to take advantage of all the socials ISFLC16 has to offer.

In any case, you better hurry! This offer ends at midnight.

Price right now Price after Monday
Hotel Room $144 per night $169 per night

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reason-magazine“The Joys of the Genetically Modified Table”
“I’ll have the pan-fried Frankenfish with a side of GMO edamame, please.” Join Reason writers for a discussion about the future of food and tips about how to prepare your own technologically advanced banquet. Bon appétit!
Speakers:  Katherine Mangu Ward, managing editor, Reason; Baylen Linnekin, executive director, Keep Food Legal Foundation; Ronald Bailey, author, “The End of Doom: Environmental Renewal in the Twenty-first Century

“The Bad Science Behind Campus Rape”
Description: Sexual assault on campus is a serious issue, but policymakers do a disservice to victims by relying on junk studies and misleading research to craft new rules and regulations. Reason journalists dissect the bad social science behind the administrative push against sexual assault and provide solutions that would actually improve campus safety.
Speakers: Elizabeth Nolan Brown, staff editor; Robby Soave, staff editor; Peter Suderman, senior editor — Reason

Stay tuned for the release of the ISFLC16 program next week for session time and location information.

ssdp-logo-blue“How Student Activism Will End the War on Drugs” hosted by Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Join SSDP national staff members for a presentation on the history of student-led, anti-drug war activism and a discussion about what lies ahead and how the student liberty movement may be uniquely positioned to lead the charge to dismantle the disastrous, global war on drugs.
Speakers: Jae Agliata, Outreach Coordinator; Scott Cecil, Outreach Coordinator — SSDP

logo_fb_360“Is the War on Drugs Almost Over?” hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance
Join Lynne Lyman, Bill Piper and Michael Collins of the Drug Policy Alliance for a rousing discussion on U.S. drug policy. Find out what states may legalize next, how close we actually are to ending the federal prohibition of marijuana, and if it’s possible that decriminalization of all drugs could happen sooner than we think.
Speakers: Josh Pearson, Digital Fundraising Manager; 
Michael Collins, Deputy Director of National Affairs; Lynne Lyman, California State Director — DPA

young-voices“Reform to Revolution: Libertarian Perspectives on Criminal Justice” hosted by Young Voices
Should libertarians direct their efforts towards prison abolition or to incremental reforms to the criminal justice system? Participants on this panel will present views from the spectrum of libertarian approaches to criminal justice. From public policy reforms to prison abolition, the panelists will explore the breadth of belief, strategy, and tactics available to libertarians.
Speakers: Meg Arnold, Advocate, Young Voices; Jason Lee Byas, Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society; Blake Feldman, Advocacy Coordinator, ACLU of Mississippi; Bryant Jackson-Green, Criminal Justice Policy Analyst, Illinois Policy Institute; Cory Massimino, Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society

Stay tuned for the release of the ISFLC16 program next week for session time and location information.


CKI Logo RGB LargeAre you even PC, bro? Comedy and Conversation about Feminism
The Charles Koch Institute presents Christina Hoff Sommers, a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, in conjunction with the Theater of Public Policy (T2P2) to discuss feminism, freedom, and the PC culture that is taking over your college campus! T2P2 will interview Christina about the growing culture of censorship and follow it up with a must-see, improv comedy routine inspired by the conversation in real-time.

An Open Society and Its Enemies on Campus
The Charles Koch Institute presents Greg Lukianoff, president and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, with a presentation on the culture of censorship that is rearing its head on campuses across the nation. Come learn how censorious attitudes in the guise of safe spaces and political correctness are undermining the very core of what college and an open society are all about.

How to Fight Back: Winning the Free Speech Fight on Your Campus
The Charles Koch Institute presents Catherine Sevcenko, director of litigation at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, with advice on what you can do to fight for free speech on your campus. Catherine will cover your rights as a student, best practices, and how FIRE can help you in your fight to protect and defend the 1st amendment on your campus.